Sede OVS SpA

Growing in the Retail Industry

If you are after a stimulating professional experience in a continually evolving international context where you can acquire significant experience in the retail world, where you can grow thanks to development programs and targeted training ...this is the right company for you: your development is our success.You can browse our career site to discover the open positions.


getting to know the store is essential if you are to fully understand what drives the company and the relevance of the customer to company processes. Thanks to a consolidated training program, you have the opportunity of growing and developing until you have the necessary skills to be a store manager.


develop specific skills in relation to products, understanding the market and fashion trends in the role of product manager, or in analysing sales patterns and generated value as a merchandise controller.


all roles that provide business support: marketing, store design, human resources, supply chain, location development, management control, administration, information systems.


If you already have a set of professional skills and you would like to bring them to a solid company, and if you are stimulated by the challenge of OVS Spa and the idea of working in a dynamic and stimulating environment … we look forward to meeting you

The thought that your ideas and skills can contribute to our development is a very exciting one. 

Last modified: 2022 - 08 - 02