MIssion and Values

Our MISSION, to “make beautiful things affordable for everyone” is based on solid values, inspiring the conduct of all the people who take part in company processes, respecting the environment and the communities in which we work.

Working at OVS S.p.A. is a source of growth, value and well-being for everyone. Everyone works hard to improve everything we do so that our contributions can truly make a difference. We create value through our solid solutions-based approach, looking at needs and sustainability, as well as at what our mission, goals, resources and time frame impose.  Every day we work led by a passion for this industry to create value for customers, stakeholders and shareholders.


We are a company that welcomes and encourages ideas from all sources, to devise and create new, possible scenarios. We develop and train creativity and the courage to do what others have yet to do.


We are not scared to choose and implement change. We want to be recognised and acknowledged for our ability to lead and not follow the market.

Value creation

Our passion leads us to create, every day, value for customers, stakeholders and shareholders.

Team work

One unique team made up of the value of every single individual.


We are a point of meeting, dialogue, exchange of ideas and action. Respecting everyone's character, individual qualities and needs.  We are always attentive and ready to listen to a changing world, to the changing needs and the wishes and dreams of our customers, to respond to the expectations of all stakeholders, introducing the concept of making “beautiful things affordable for everyone”, in all their associated forms.


Capitalising on everything that is good about being Italian, breaking it down into passion for work, creativity in identifying solutions, and sensitivity to everything beautiful and well made when it comes to the choices and actions we are called upon to make every day. Painstaking attention to detail, an innate attitude for creativity, and the natural ability to transform every day into something of solid value.


Promoting conduct that recognises the value of individuals and their ideas, through large and small everyday actions in relations, actions and activities. Listening (which is not the same as hearing) and promoting attention towards people and to what they want. Promoting action and participation through recognition and celebration of merit, to spread and circulate virtuous behaviour. At work and in business relations and global relations with customers, stakeholders and the environment. These fundamental values guide what we do every day, and build positivity towards ourselves and our environment, influencing and adding to the lives of the people who work with us, and the consumers who experience our brand, every day.

Last modified: 2021 - 05 - 25