OVS & Google Enterprise

OVS uses Google Enterprise to make cutting-edge technology available to allow the customer to enjoy a multi-sensory experience both in-store and on-line and to make business processes quicker and more efficient.

OVS spaIt offers an innovative digital experience to ensure a greater interconnection and added value services to customers, with new in-store involvement strategies through an enjoyable and satisfying shopping experience as well as more streamlined and more effective internal corporate communication thanks to the 100% web solutions and Enterprise Search: these are just some of the areas of innovation of the partnership.

Customers visiting the Milan OVS store in Via Dante, which opened on 29 May 2014, will be able to enjoy a sneak preview of just some of this technology, interacting with the OVS Digital Experience corner and its Google Enterprise solutions. "The partnership with a leader in the technological sector like Google Enterprise" – Stefano Beraldo, Chief Executive Officer of the Coin Group declares – "will enable us to gain access to cutting-edge technologies enabling us to speed up interconnection with our customers.

The leading Italian retailer has committed to offering new solutions and multi-channel shopping experiences. The store will remain the place of choice for customer relations, but at the same time, it will offer new information and involvement experiences".

"We are very proud of this agreement, signed with the top Italian clothing retail group" – declared Eric Haddad, Google's SEMEA Enterprise Director – "OVS and Google Enterprise will be working hand-in-hand to involve employees and customers in an innovative experience that combines social collaboration, ease of search, maps and 100% web applications offered by Google, to improve performance at all levels, at the same time ensuring customers an innovative and enjoyable shopping experience both in-store and on-line".

The project development has been entrusted to Injenia, a system integrator certified by the Google Enterprise division, to ensure OVS and its brands continuous, attentive assistance throughout the project's implementation.

OVS spa

Last modified: 2017 - 03 - 27