How we work

Buenos Aires - Oviesse Store

The Group operates with a business model typical of  vertically-integrated retailer including the following activities: product development entrusted to a team of product managers, designers and merchandisers who – by relying on a structure that is highly specialised in sourcing and has a major presence in key geographical areas – designs, develops and creates the merchandise mix through external suppliers. This process takes place under the artistic guidance of fashion coordinators and under the organisational leadership of product directors.

The entire value chain - from design to manufacturing and commercialization - is managed in the headquarters in Venice Mestre, to safeguard a heritage of skills, know-how and experience that have made Italy one of the world’s most important countries when it comes to fashion and clothing.

Product development begins with the selection of fabrics and designs based on the analyses of future market trends. The garment production stage is monitored in terms of quality and procurement time, and made by teams present in the different manufacturing countries.

The commercial policy is wholly managed by OVS S.p.A. and includes the definition of prices, margins, commercial calendar, as well as store in-season management and markdowns, in order to allocate products to stores needing replenishment during the season.

OVS S.p.A. operates all over Italy through  its network of stores branded OVS, OVS Kids, UPIM, BluKids and Croff, which are characterised by their different selling surfaces and different management methods (directly owned or franchised stores).

Last modified: 2020 - 08 - 06