Stefanel is back and looks to the future, between heritage and contemporaneity

Venice, September 2021 - The new Stefanel is born, acquired by OVS in March 2021.

The brand’s heritage has been reinterpreted with an updated narrative and a contemporary identity. The new brand has a current, urban attitude that is conscious of its past but projected to the present and future.

“Stefanel is a brand of great value, well-known and appreciated in Italy and abroad”, states Stefano Beraldo, CEO of OVS. “We want to recover its heritage and project it into the future. A meeting point between the historical values of the brand, modernity and a metropolitan spirit.” The brand embraces both tradition and the eclectic spirit of the modern woman. These are the two key traits that characterise the new Stefanel – a brand born in Veneto, but with an international appeal – that focuses on a timeless quality, on an accurate research into materials and attention to details, with an improvement in the relation quality-price.

A combination of style and the pursuit of versatility for collections designed for the contemporary woman, with personality, who feels no need to express herself through labels. Stefanel’s clean-cut lines and “effortlessly” elegant garments are designed to be worn and styled at any time of day. The colour palette includes warm, neutral tones alongside splashes of bolder, brighter shades.

Stefanel addresses to all kinds of women, each with her own characteristic and individuality: a concept expressed through its new ad campaign, where women of different ages, ethnicities and personalities narrate the contemporary female experience.

The brand's overhaul is distilled in its new logo, which has been redesigned and features a contrast of red and black, which visually reflect its energy and dynamism.

The brand’s contemporary identity and eclecticism are also reflected in the colour solutions chosen for the stores: some feature an Indian pink palette combined with red and black elements as a pointer to the new logo, while others in more neutral tones. The fixtures and fittings are all made from natural, sustainable materials and characterized by a sophisticated essentiality.

In addition to its 30 existing stores, Stefanel will be extending its presence all over Italy and will be opening 30 new stores in 30 different cities. Stefanel also has 21 international stores around the globe.

Monday, September 13, 2021 - 14:50
Last modified: 2021 - 09 - 27