Venice, 11 October 2023 – OVS debuts with Altavia by Deborah Compagnoni, a ski and outdoor clothing collection created in partnership with Italy’s most successful women's skiing champion, and a genuine sports icon.

Over the last few seasons, OVS has extended its product ranges, adding collections dedicated to outdoor apparel and sportswear, with special focus on materials and shapes that meet the specific needs of different activities. 

“The ski collection is an important stage in OVS’ path towards the world of sportswear, where the technical approach is essential to add value to the offer. – says Stefano Beraldo, CEO of OVS: “With Altavia by Deborah Compagnoni, symbol of excellence in the world of skiing, but also an attentive expert who knows the product and the needs of its users, we want to reach all sportpeople who ski at all levels and therefore need clothing with the right quality characteristics; we want them to feel at ease, with a top-quality technical and aesthetic product at surprisingly affordable prices.”

“I am greatly honoured and proud to have collaborated with OVS team for the Altavia collection”, says Deborah Compagnoni, “bringing all my experience both at a technical level - after competing for so many years - and in terms of style for those who, like me, enjoy alpine skiing and ski mountaineering (skimo), a sport that will become part of the Olympics at the next games in Milan and Cortina 2026.
Being able to take part in the creation of women’s, men’s and children’s lines that combine design, performance and quality at affordable prices, is something to be proud of: with OVS, sport is truly for everyone!
I also think that the name of the collection, Altavia, is just right for this project and for the garments created. It resonates with me, particularly because my family can boast generations of Alpine Guides who often work, summer and winter, in the Alte Vie, the Alpine Ridgeways.”

And it’s right from the name of the first of these important routes through the Dolomites - Alta Via no. 1, known as the classic – that the collection gets its name. A perfect combination of style and technology, which guarantees excellent performance for sportsmen and women, but not only.
The Altavia collection for men, women and kids has been designed to provide top-level technical features: protection against wind, humidity, and the cold, but also plenty of room to move, breathability, and adherence, making it suitable for skiers of all levels of training. The fabrics - stretch to guarantee the elasticity and strength needed for any movement, as well as being water resistant - are assembled with heat-welded seams to ensure perfect water tightness. The internal padding is made in 3M Thinsulate, a material that optimises heat retention and breathability. The watertight zips, snowproof stretch gaiters, removable braces, side vents and adjustable hems (for pants), and hood with single-hand fastening, add functionality and comfort to these items.

The collection includes two types of jacket, a protective outer shell to pair with a lightweight padded jacket, and a ski jacket. There are matching pants, fleeces, thermal base layers, socks, gloves and hats, also all perfect for wearing on a winter walk.
The colours are: black, white, light blue and coral pink for women and girls, and electric blue and yellow for men and boys.

To complete the OVS ski and outdoor apparel range, Altavia is joined by the monochrome PIOMBO ski collection (just black with details in white for women), and the Maui&Sons collection, designed for those who practice snowboard (oversize fits that are sure to please snow surfers, featuring streetwear patterns).

The ski and outdoor clothing collections will be on sale from November in selected OVS stores and at OVS.it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023 - 10:58
Last modified: 2023 - 10 - 17