The way we work

Buenos Aires - Oviesse Store


OVS’ innovative store concept emphasises the transformation of a brand which is constantly innovating in its style, languages and dialogue with the customer.

A contemporary, essential space that stands out for the clean-cut design and the attention to the choice of eco-sustainable materials. Light-coloured wood, glass, and metal bonded to sheets of coloured plexiglas, plus furnishing features conceived as small items of free-standing architecture, ready to frame the clothing designed by the creative team at OVS.

After the Milan store in Via Dante which marked a new change of direction for OVS, in 2015 the flagship store in Corso Buenos Aires, Milan, revolutionized the image of one of Milan’s main shopping thoroughfares. An area of over 2800 sq m allowing the brand to establish its own leadership, even in terms of format.


Our products come from the best sourcing areas in the Mediterranean basin, Italy and internationally. The overseas operating divisions of OVS S.p.A. include a wholly controlled company in Hong Kong and purchasing offices in Shanghai, New Delhi, Dhaka and Istanbul, with a staff of almost 300 to oversee the sourcing of suppliers, production, and quality control.The supply chain is managed through a network of international service providers and in Italy, through two warehouses in Milan and Piacenza. Yearly volumes are more than 180 million pieces. Products are distributed to the network based on store needs with a daily plan.


OVS S.p.A. has a strict corporate governance code to define

  • the rules of conduct for suppliers to OVS S.p.A. ;
  • company controls performed by technical internal staff and other parties;
  • environmental policies in the production plants.

Respect for workers’ rights and for the environment make OVS S.p.A. a company that actively pursues socially responsible policies.

OVS S.p.A. has always been attentive to the needs and sensitivities of its customers, and therefore, it will only use faux fur.

Last modified: 2020 - 05 - 21